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Where No One Has Gone Before
The Author's Training Wheel Journal
WIP Party Thread 
2nd-Jan-2011 09:52 pm
Of Legend
The procedure is simple:

1) Find snippets from your WIPs in the Alice fandom: it can be crossovers, fusions, what have you, as long as it involves either the characters or world of Alice, you're set.
2) Post one snippet per comment: naturally, you can post more than one comment.
3) Check out other people's comments! Let them know when you see part of a story that sounds interesting, or if you're looking forwards to seeing the story completed.
3rd-Jan-2011 03:17 am (UTC) - Primeval/Alice fusion
Hatter didn't trust the doctors: they seemed genuinely nice, yes, but they also had said that he wasn't a prisoner here, which probably meant that he was supposed to take that at face value, and wasn't supposed to have noticed the camera mounted in the corner, or the black-clad figure with the large-ish gun in the corridor.

So he was in the Anomaly Research Center they said? That was nice and generic sounding (like 'Tea') but what could that actually mean? They could be lying about the name of the place, of course, but lying took effort and coordination. The best liars always had some truth in their lies to make it go down smoother, and the name of the place was one detail that, if contradicted, would set off alarm bells in most everyone. So: why would an Anomaly Research Center want to kidnap him?

They could know he wasn't actually from Yorkshire. They could know he was from Wonderland. Or, he thought, clenching his strong, modified, downright anomalous right hand, they couldn't give two shakes of a rath's tale about the wheres, and might just want to see what makes you tick.

He looked around the sterile, closed off little ward he was in; it reeked of medical things, of surgical things.

Fuck a gigolo and learn he's your mother. You've gone right back to the beginning, haven't you, Hatter?

Right, enough of this. He stood carefully, just to see if he could without any support. It was painful, but doable. He pulled the pillowcase from his pillow, and flung it over the camera. Then he settled in to wait for someone to check up on him.

He had to get out of here.
3rd-Jan-2011 03:21 am (UTC) - So Long and Thanks for all the Tea
“What is this?” Hatter yelled, pushing the paper up into Jack’s face. That alone would have been unacceptable, but the fact that he had done so just as Jack had stepped out of the water closet after taking a shower, and while he was wearing nothing but a towel pushed it right into the territory of unbearable.

“Who let you in here?” he demanded.

“Excuse me, I’ll ask the questions,” Hatter replied, shaking the paper a bit. “What is this?”

“A newspaper?” Jack guessed, though if Hatter wanted to call it a croquet mallet, he certainly wouldn't disagree. He pushed past the clothed man to hit the panic button.

“Read it!” Hatter said, pushing the papers into his chest.

Jack hit the button once more for good measure, then took the paper. It was one of his papers, a Diamond-published thing, and the headline story was about his newly-confirmed engagement to Duchess. There were a lot of photographs of the Court in there finery, and even more of him and Duchess, looking together and happy like the superb actors they both were.

“Are you going to try and court Duchess now?” he asked, hitting the panic button again.

“No,” Hatter sneered. “Are you?”

“The courting Duchess and I have done is long since past tense,” Jack told him, pointing to the headline, before give the panic button another go. It figured; he hadn’t gotten a moment’s peace or a night’s uninterrupted rest since the Casino fell, and now when he needed someone to be there everyone was suddenly too busy with their own business to bother with his.

“And what about Alice, huh?” Hatter asked.

Jack blinked at the sudden change in subject. “How does Alice factor into this?”
4th-Jan-2011 10:09 pm (UTC) - Re: So Long and Thanks for all the Tea
I like the humor of Jack and the panic button. I'm really looking forward to this one because I love Hatter leaves Wonderland fics.
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